Dearly Departed Toronto Cyclists

In memory of cyclists killed on the roads of Toronto.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Updated Toronto Cyclists Fatalities Map

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Dearly departed Toronto cyclists

Memorial Map for fatal cyclist collisions in Toronto. 1986 - 2013.
Big thank you to Nancy Smith Lea and ARC (Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists)

A memorial tree in their memory was planted - Summer 2008.
Plaque inscription reads:
"In memory of all cyclists killed on the streets of Toronto and across Canada.'
Sunnyside Park  (Donated by Wendy Lucas)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dearly Departed

Year Location/Info
1996 King/Jarvis - Car
1996 Bathurst/Queen - Truck
1996 Commissioners/Lake Ontario -Transport Truck
1996 Mount Pleasant/Roxborough - Car
1996 Wilson/Keele - Car
1996 Queensway/Roncesvalles - Van
1997 Dufferin/Bloor - Dump Truck
1997 Eglinton/Allen - Car
1997 University/Dundas - Bus/Doored by Car
1998 Oak Park/Lumsden - Minivan
1998 Martingrove/Westway - Car
1998 Midland/Havendale - Car
1998 Spadina/Clarence Square - Tanker Truck
1998 Lakeshore/Royal York - ??
1998 Pape/Harcourt - Van
1999 Kipling/New Toronto - ??
1999 Lawrence/Morningdew - Pickup Truck
2000 Bloor/Islington - Chevy Blazer
2000 Old Kingston Rd/Orchard Park - ??
2001 McCowan/Commander - None
2001 Jarvis/Isabella - ??
2002 Finch/404 - Car
2002 Martingrove/Finch - Car
2003 Islington/Albion - Car
2004 Dundas/Dupont - Pickup Truck
2004 Robert Jenkins
2005 Horner and Kipling - Truck
2005 Gladstone and Queen - Truck
2005 Eastern and Leslie - Truck
2006 Keele and Wilson - Truck
2006 Queensway and Windermere - Car
2006 Avenue Rd and Cortleigh - Truck
2006 Eglinton and Leslie - Cement Mixer
2007 York Mills and Bayview - Dump Truck
2007 Pharmacy and Lawrence - Truck
2007 Baymills and Birchmount/Warden - Car/Crosswalk
2008 Eglinton/Braemar - Doored by car/Van

Monday, September 10, 2007

Memorial for Isaac Morkel

Press coverage: Globe The Star Video Doc
The driver is likely to be charged in this tragic incident.

Memorial Photos - Hubert van Tol

Thank you to all who rode this morning. And to Darren and Derek for putting together the Ghost Bike. A special and most heartfelt thank you to the family of Hubert van Tol for attending the memorial and all their support.

In Memoriam for Professor Huber van Tol.

Memorial for Bianca Gogel - Photos

Thanks to all who made this memorial possible. More photos by Vic Gedris A well written article by jebratt

Memorial Ride for Dianna Conyen, 46

More Info plus the route

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Memorial ride for Patrick Lonergan

Thank you to Darren, Derek, Hamish and Stephen who rode with me today. Also, Patrick's friend Bill who said some very moving words in his honour and others including Councillor Michael Thompson.

Riding home a driver harrassed me about riding "in middle of the road" on a nearly deserted Bayview Avenue, even pulling over and stopping to berate me about it.
When will it all stop? I think, drivers need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask themselves what they are doing to all of us. Maybe then they will either slow down or even better yet, stop driving. Their lives do not depend on it, perhaps ours do. Patrick's & Victorias' lives sure did.

Memorial Ride for Victoria, Age 7

Thank you to the twelve riders who rode all the way up and a couple of others who rode with us part of the way. It's obvious from seeing the intersection that the driver simply failed to yield. More on Toronto Cranks.